Welcome to the world of Storm.

Swedish STORM designs rainwear for urban people with a passion for clean and innovative design.

The STORM Rainwear brand reflects the perfect choice of materials, which were attained through the search for the best materials in the world. Through his great love for fabrics, Peter, the founder of STORM, discovered the best materials in the world; nylon from Japan, wool from Italy and linen from Ireland.

STORM rainwear has a different approach. It recreates fashion with functional and timeless details. Your new garments will last for many seasons. STORM Rainwear creates repeat collections of wearable clothes of the highest quality and design.  

STORM Rainwear is new and STORM Rainwear represents something that did not exist in the market before.

It is all about the coat.

A normal day in the city can require a lot from your coat. Sure, you might take your bike, the subway,

a bus or your car to work. You might even run from the bus to work or all of a sudden be warm in a crowded elevator and you still want to look good when you arrive at work.

Well, at STORM Rainwear we can make you feel better with the help of our collection

of tailored and functional outerwear.

Throughout your day, you may encounter various elements such as; cold, heat, rain, snow, even a STORM!

Our mission is to combine style with function.

Making clothes that can survive the most extreme conditions does not exclude the desire

to make fashionable city clothes that can handle rain, wind, cold and are breathable.

Why not always look good in bad weather?

Only the best.

Shanghai, Taiwan and Milano have the most fantastic fabrics. Wool is one of them.

Japan has the best nylon. The world’s best linen, that makes tailors cry with joy, comes from Ireland. Shouldn’t it be possible to combine this fantastic handicraft with the thin, flexible membrane we use in the outerwear collections?

And the style: A combination of Italian design that imparts timeless elegance combined with a Swedish focus on function.


The team behind STORM has designed and produced several well-known brands including Italian Aspesi, American Sebago and Swedish WeSC.

Peter Ahlberg,

Head of Design